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Graffiti is a collection of English Folk Musicians located in Dorset, England.

Graffiti's first Album Nautical Graffiti was written and sung by William Adams and recorded with;

Simon Swarbrick multi instrumentalist and arranger,

Lee Cuff, Singer and Cellist ,

Lucy Watkins Singer,

Chris Bailey Guitarist,

David Hoyland Percussionist.

Available on Amazon, Itunes, Spotify and CD Baby.

Nautical Graffiti
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Graffiti's second Album Rosewood was written and sung by William Adams and recorded in 2020 with;

  • Simon Swarbrick multi-instrumentalist and arranger,

  • Lee Cuff, Singer and Cellist,

  • Lucy Watkins Singer,

  • Ken Watkins Singer

  • Ezster Lovas, Flautist

  • Paul Sundt Guitarist

Available on Amazon, Itunes, Spotify and CD Baby.


Please note that Graffiti is firstly a recording band of players brought together for the creation of these albums, most of the players have many other commitments, however there is a Graffiti band which includes William Adams, Lauren Steadman, Tim Lacey and Chris Coombes. William Adams also plays an acoustic set from these Albums as a solo artist. If you have any questions about the albums, or players, or would like to book the Graffiti Band, please email

Gig dates to follow shortly…

Book and new song for Christmas 2022
Magical Christmas animated musical story book.
Find it here:
Book is now available from HMV and Waterstones book shop, or track only on ITunes, Spotify, etc. 2023
A couple of songs from the third album due in full later 2023.

English Modern Folk Rock with a hint of Flamenco and a dash of brass...

The Gypsy King is a new Album Due For Release Summer 2023..

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Childrens Picture Story Book and Song out soon Summer 2023

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